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One of the things that makes the Susan G. Komen Global Race for the Cure™ so spectacular is the breathtaking array of teams from around D.C. and around the world. But no matter where our teams come from, near or far, we are all united in the pursuit of one goal: the end of breast cancer.

Photos from the 2012 Komen Global Race for the Cure.

When you register your team, you will identify the team "division" that best describes your type of team. (The top fundraising team in each division will receive a trophy and special recognition at the Race.) The divisions are:

International/Embassy: Making this a truly global event, the International/Embassy teams are comprised of embassy staff and other members of the international community from all over the world.

Hill Teams: No red states or blue states here! Just a State of Pink. Our Hill teams are comprised of congressional staff, representatives and senators, who come together to walk and run and raise funds to end breast cancer.

US Government Agency: Make your presence known at the Komen Global Race! Federal agency staffs from across the Metro area are invited to form teams.

Local Government: Show your local pride! City, county, and state governmentworkers from all over the Metro area form teams to walk and run in the Komen Global Race.

Corporate (includes legal and sponsor teams): Some of our largest teams come from our corporate team division. But all corporate teams, big and small, are invited to run and walk in the Race.

Academic: Our Komen Global Race academic teams, comprised of high schools, colleges and universities from around the Metro area, receive a "higher degree" of inspiration on Race Day.

Armed Forces: The Komen Global Race is proud to host our armed services teams, which come from all five branches of the armed forces. "At ease" is the order of the day for our friends in uniform!

Nonprofit (includes religious groups and healthcare): We are honored to have fellow non-profit and allied organizations participate in the Race.

Friends/Family: The largest number of teams comes from our Friends/Family division. This division also has some of our most eye-catching outfits!

Komen Affiliate: Local Komen affiliates from around the Metro area are invited to show some local Komen pride.

Komen Grantee: We are always thrilled to have teams from organizations that receive grants derived from the funds raised by Komen Global Race participants.

Questions? Visit our Teams FAQ or send us an email at

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