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Susan G. Komen Global Race for the Cure
All-in-one Letter and Donation Form
Our top fundraisers love these forms! The top half has a pre-written letter asking for a donation; the bottom half has a space for your donor information. You can mail these or hand them directly to potential donors. Log in to print this form.

Fundraising Poster
The Personal Fundraising Poster
Perfect for fundraising events or for posting near your desk at work. Use the poster in combination with the all-in-one letter / donation form (above) and the Collection Jar Wrapper (below). Print your poster.

Jar Wrapper
Collection Jar Wrapper
Great for your own fundraising events or social gatherings. You can also use it at work along with the Personal Fundraising Poster (above). Print the Jar Wrapper.

Business Cards
Business Cards
Give out these handy, personalized Business Cards to potential donors. It’s a quick and easy way to encourage your friends, family and coworkers to donate.

Instructions to customize your business cards 

  1. Click on the card above.
  2. Type in your name, your fundraising goal, and your team name if applicable, on one of the cards. The rest of the cards will be updated automatically.
  3. Check your spelling, save the document to your computer and print.

Sample Fundraising Messages
We’ve written a number of sample fundraising messages and sample Facebook posts to help you get started when sending fundraising email and fundraising on Facebook.

Vertical Widget for Email Signature, Blog or Webpage
Fundraising Widget for Your Email Signature or Blog
You can insert this widget in your email signature or on a webpage. It connects your contacts and readers with your online donation page. Click here for more information and to get your fundraising widget.

Tips, Advice and Ideas

  1. Finish this sentence: “I am fundraising for the Susan G. Komen Washington, D.C. Race for the Cure® to ______.” To honor or support a friend or loved one? To make a difference in the movement to end breast cancer forever? Whatever it is, when you provide your donors with a personal reason why, they will be encouraged to give.
  2. ASK! Never miss an opportunity to ask for a donation, no matter where you are. Let everyone know that you are participating in the Komen Washington, D.C. Race for the Cure. Print your personal fundraising poster or personalized business cards to advertise your participation and fundraising. Combine with the collection jar wrapper, and you have the perfect way to fundraise at work.
  3. Send fundraising emails. By far this is the fastest way to gather donations from potential donors. Use one of our sample messages to send through your personal email account or through your Participant Center. Log in to the Participant Center with your username and password. Click here for help logging in.
  4. Use the Participant Center. In your Participant Center, you have your very own Personal Page with a specific URL. People can donate to you directly from this Personal Page. You can also send email from the email center using our sample messages. For many who rely on their computers and smart phones to stay connected, it’s the best way to fundraise! Log in to the Participant Center with your username and password. Click here for help logging in.
  5. Add fundraising to any party or social gathering. Bowling. Bingo. Bake Sale. Movie Party. Golf Outings. Car Wash. Use our customized business cardspostercombination letter / donation form and the collection jar wrapper.

    Need your username and password? No problem, visit the login page for help.
  6. Facebook. If you haven’t already, start fundraising with Facebook by using our Facebook App. The free app will advertise your participation through your News Feed to your all your friends and family without you needing to do a thing. You’ll be surprised by people who donate on their own without any prompting from you. Log into your Participant Center to install the app.
  7. Reward your donors. When you’re handing out your fundraising business cards or your letter donation form, be prepared to give them a little treat—pink ribbons or candy or a tribute card—as a small way to thank them for their donation. (You should follow-up with a more formal thank you later.)
  8. Corporate Matching. Remind your donors about matching gifts to easily double your donations. Many companies will match charitable donations given by their employees. It’s an easy way to double your impact. Use our pre-written Matching Gift Message to follow up with donors.
  9. Penny War (or Loose Change Challenge). Set up a Penny War or a Loose Change Challenge between different groups at work or different classes at your child’s school. Many groups raise several thousand dollars in a short amount of time. Print collection jar wrappers and this fundraising poster and contact the appropriate people at work or school.
  10. Garage Sale. Ask your friends and family to participate by donating items to sell. Make signs that indicate all proceeds are going to the Race. Ask your local paper to run an ad as their contribution. Add a bake sale or lemonade stand, and don’t forget to have a donation jar on display!

Reminder: You will need your username and password to access some of these online resources, including your Personal Fundraising page. If you’ve forgotten your username or password, visit the login page for help.

SGK Fundraise Mobile App

Download our FREE mobile app to help boost your fundraising efforts. You can log in with your Race username and password, making it possible to send emails, text messages, Tweets and Facebook updates! Click here for more information.


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