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Getting Started

Quick Start Tips
#1 Make a personal donation. It will inspire confidence in your donors and you can ask your potential donors to match your donation. Whether your goal is $100 or $100,000, this is the best way to get started.

#2 Just ASK! The #1 reason why people donate is simply because they were asked. Here are some sample messages that make asking easy!

#3 Raising money as a team is fun and easy! Click here for fundraising tips for teams.

#4 Get the Facebook Fundraising App for your Facebook page. (The quickest and easiest way to start fundraising online!) Log in to the Participant Center to install the app on your Facebook page.

#5 Customize your personal page. Add your picture and your personal story.

Quick Start Guide
Quick Start Guide
The Quick Start Guide is designed to help you start fundraising. 
It has everything you need to get started! 
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